"Robert Tobin is Riveting" -Chicago On The Aisle on Time Stands Still 


"The always wonderful Robert Tobin" Chicago Theatre Review


"...McDonagh's gift as a writer, to deliver up characters we should despise but instead are fascinated by, especially when they're played by actors of the caliber of those in AstonRep's revival. Dylan Todd and Robert Tobin clearly relish playing the brothers." Chicago Reader

"Robert Tobin will likewise be the poster Dad of a man trying to counter his fanatically religious wife’s effect on their son" Picture This Post

"The multi-talented Robert Tobin has the role of a lifetime as James" TheatreWorld

"Robert Tobin's multi-dimensional Benedick is a pure joy" Independent Record

"Robert Tobin is frighteningly realistic as the older brother" Chicago Theatre Review

"Tobin’s Flynn segues from charismatic to creepy so fluidly that the audience is unsure of what to make of him."

Chicago Theatre Beat

"Excellent work from Robert Tobin." -Chicago Critic

"Robert Tobin as Macbeth has imposing stage presence." -Backstage West

"As Lysander, Robert Tobin stands out." -Colorado Drama

"Nods off to Robert Tobin who conveys a good range of emotions." -International Screen

"Robert Tobin is a standout as the Cockney-accented rebel leader, Kenny." -LA Times

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